Electrogardiograph "ЭК-100"

Electrocardiograph "ЭК-100" combines compact size and advanced functionality:

  • simultaneous recording of the 12 standard leads
  • color LCD display
  • thermal printer.
  • ECG analysis and interpretaion
  • memory
  • built-in-battery
  • telemetry ECG transmission system.

New generation of portable microprocessor multi-channel ECG. The latest signal processing technology, highly advanced design, original software and integrated telemetry system make "ЭК-100" extremely flexible and cost-effective ECG for hospitals, ambulances, first aid and home visits.

"ЭК-100" features simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and 3, 6 and 12 channel printout with analysis and interpretation. Electrocardiograph is portable and lightweight without compromising the diagnostic quality of the ECG. The unit is easy to use with a carrying case whenever and wherever required.