Monitors of the patient series M-300 are a new generation of monitors with a color touch screen of high resolution, various sizes with ultra-thin design (thickness 5cm). The monitor is designed for continuous monitoring of vital functions during surgical operations, intensive care intensive care units, as well as during transportation of the patient.
The extended set of compact measuring modules connected to the monitor using UniPort universal connector technology with automatic recognition provides maximum flexibility and functionality, fully adapting to the clinical situation.


Extended set of controlled parameters: heart rate, ECG, SpO2, PE, BH, blood pressure (invasive and noninvasive methods), body temperature, concentration of CO2, N2O, O2 and 5 gaseous anesthetics, cardiac output (invasive, noninvasive methods), EEG , an estimate of the depth of general anesthesia and sedation based on the definition of the BIS index.

  • Enhanced networking capabilities for data exchange with other monitors, a central station or an intranet network.
  • 12-channel ECG.
  • Built-in system for arrhythmia analysis.
  • Analysis of the displacement of the ST segment.
  • Analysis of heart rate variability.
  • Measurement technology SpO2 - Nellcor OxiMax.
  • Display of OxiCRG parameters.
  • Analysis of the speed of pulse wave propagation in NIBP measurements.
  • The presence of universal connectors UniPort.
  • Multilevel system of sound and visual signaling.
  • Built-in telemetry data transmission system.
  • High-resolution color touchscreen.
  • Simultaneous visualization up to 12 curves.
  • Individual screen settings (up to 15 profiles).
  • The mode is "large digits".
  • Programmable control buttons.
  • Maintenance of the patient's card.
  • Calculator of doses and speed of medication administration.
  • Automatic brightness change of the display.
  • Option to connect an additional display.
  • Built-in thermal printer.
  • Multifunctional fastening system.
  • Formation of trends (up to 720 hours).
  • Function "call the nurse".
  • Ability to work with SD card.
  • Synchronization with a defibrillator.
  • Rechargeable battery - up to 5 hours of work.
  • Carrying handle.