Republican Unitary Enterprise "Medtekhnotsentr" welcomes you on the pages of your site!

The Republican Unitary Enterprise Medtekhnotsentr has 50 years of experience in installation, maintenance, repair of medical equipment, installation and distribution of medical gases, setting up X-ray devices in all medical and preventive institutions in the Republic of Belarus, manufacturing medical equipment and equipment, including furniture ,
The specialists of the enterprise were trained and received certificates for the right to work with the equipment.
Our company produces equipment and equipment at the request of health facilities and on individual orders.

If necessary, we can perform installation and adjustment of medical equipment products with further complex technical equipment.

Also, the State Enterprise "Medtekhnotsentr" provides services on acquisition, installation, commissioning and maintenance of turnkey facilities on contractual terms.

When performing work on the repair of medical equipment, a warranty is provided for the work done.

Call us (8-017) 284-22-55 or send an application by fax (8-017) 294-62-91 and our specialists will come to you!